The Need

The Needs page will be updated as often as possible. We are getting a constant “flow” of request for new kids coming in who need our help.

So we need your help because we can’t do it without you.

Would you consider sponsoring one of these fourteen children? Also, please pray for them as all of them have recently undergone a very difficult transition (whether it was from “home” or from another organization). Those type of adjustments are hard for kids.

Here’s a list of the kids that we currently service:

  • Vulme Lormanie - 3rd grade
  • Joseph Zanderlens - 5th grade
  • Dolcine Widz - 3rd grade
  • Volcy Wensley - 4th grade
  • Dolcine Juniorson - 3rd grade
  • Joseph Cherubin - 3rd grade
  • Irene Luberiss - 3rd grade
  • Aceline Alcius - 1st grade
  • Evens Pierre - kindergarten
  • Gary Pierre - kindergarten
  • Joseph Woodmaer Ludny - 1st grade
  • Dieuyison Cine – 4th grade
  • Cantalina Belzins Leonard – 4th grade
  • Wilgens Volcy – 4th grade

Coming soon you will be able to read more about these kids, as we’re building a page that will have story’s and picture alongside it.

If you want to sponsor one of these children, please click the link provided below:


We truly need your help because we can’t do it without you.