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Three years after the devastating earthquake struck Haiti, there are approximately some 370,000 Haitians still residing in unsafe, temporary housing or to be more frank “tent-cities.” These living conditions are extremely difficult and many people are sadly struggling to survive. Directly following the 2010 quake relief poured in to help the country, but as time has past that help has significantly declined, yet their need for assistance is still massive and urgent.

Community Leader, Josiah Bruny, who runs the after-school program, Music Changing Lives in Redlands, CA founded the organization Luv for Haiti in the wake of the 2010 quake. Over the past several years Luv for Haiti has provided direct support to the children and families in Leogane, Haiti who reside in dangerous tent-cities, who struggle for food and live in severe poverty. After making several trips to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Josiah and the Luv for Haiti team were deeply touched by the children of New Vision Orphanage in Leogane. The earthquake destroyed what once was a suitable home for these children. There is no running water or electricity and living conditions are primitive.

Luv for Haiti has chosen the anniversary of the quake to launch a fundraising campaign to build a new orphanage for the 70 children in Leogane, Haiti that currently live in the devastated home now. The orphanage will be built completely of adobe materials, with construction beginning in July of 2013. The total estimated budget for this home is $200,000. These costs encompass building materials, construction, professional expertise, and travel expenses. It also includes the launch of a new apprenticeship program which will certify up to 50 Haitians in the skills needed to help rebuild the nation and establish long-term careers in construction.

However, this is only the beginning of the vision for Luv for Haiti. In Phase I, the orphanage is to be completed by Fall of 2013, Phase II and III will follow, including a new school, community center, church, health clinic, sanitation system and career training center. By the fifth anniversary of the quake the objective is to have a self-sustaining village, complete with new local businesses financed through microlending partners.

“Our vision is to build a sustainable community in Leogane, Haiti where the Haitian people can build their own eco-homes using natural resources, grow their own crops, create their own energy sources, develop their owns businesses and means for employment, thus improving their overall quality of life.” commented Josiah.

Leogane will, once again, serve as an epicenter, but this time the ripple effect will be for positive change, eventually touching and improving the lives of every Haitian.

Luv for Haiti is currently seeking the support businesses, organizations and individual advocates and ambassadors to help make this temporary home a permanent one for these children. If you would like to become a sponsor, community partner, volunteer or otherwise get involved with Luv for Haiti, please contact Josiah Bruny at 951-992-0721 or email


Josiah Bruny,
Luv For Haiti
CEO, Music Changing Lives